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●  Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics(LFT) can be subdivided into LFT-G and LFT-D and so on according to the processing. 

●  The key points of the LFT-G production line that developed by Chuangbo and Beijing University of Chemical Technology  are the struction optimization of melt impregnation mould and the automatic control.High degree of melt impregnation,less demage of fiber,  stable and controllable of precess, high production efficiency. 

●  Apply to lots of  thermoplastic resin such as  LGTPP, PA, PET, PPA, PBT... · Reinforced fibre: glass fiber, carbon fiber,basalt fiber. 

●  Content of fiber: 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%. 

●  Methods of fiber discharge:internal and external.

1. feeder   2. twin screw extruder   3. fiber discharge shelf   4. glass fiber pretreatment system    5. melt impregnation   6. water cooling trough   7. air-knife   8. traction machine   9. pelletizer  10.vibrating sieve

Features of LFT-G:

The length of the long fiber reinforced granular material produced by LFT-G technology is controllabel. The length of final products is not less the 3mm. High strength, higher modulus of elasticity, higher impact resistance, long service life of this final products, that have broad prospects in the lightweight, high performance of components in the aerospace, automotive, construction, appliances and other industries. 

●  The blending strength and tensile strength increase 100%-300%. 

●  The impact resistance increases by 2-3 times. 

●  Excellent performance of high temperature resistance and creep resistance. Fits the occasion where high temperature and low temperature alternate frequently. 

●  High dimensional accuracy. Low distortion. Low as well as the same longitudinal and transverse shrinkage rate .

●  Simple forming precess. Excellent performance of fatigue resistance. 

●  Low warping. The glass fiber is hardly revealed. Better surface property. 

●  Recyclable, reusable. Environmental.

PP Performance Analysis of LFT-G

TPU Elastomer Polymerization Line (TSB-85, L/D=56)

PP-66 Performance Analysis of LFT-G

Specifications & Capacity

Number of Fibre 12 24 48 72
Capacity (kg/h) 60~80 150~180 320~350 500~550