System design optimized by many years of experience in twin screw applications.
Ergonomic design with easy and reliable HMI.
Different temperature control options available to meet different customer requirements.
Imported DC or AC controller for main drive from world famous brands such as Siemens, with proved record of safety and reliability.
Electrical control cabinet adopts international standard IP54.


1. Standard Version
High performance Push-Buttons interface for the control panel. Using import temperature controller for each heating zone, and good quality display to show equipment parameters in real time: main drive current, screw speed, melt temperature and melt pressure etc.
Logically interlock control based on relays to realize machine protection:over load, over pressure and the interlocks with each motor.
All motors are individually controlled by light-buttons.
High reliability, cost performance and easy maintenance

2. Advanced Version
True color/large size touch screen control using Siemens, Midicon, or Omeon PLC+TFT, with optional industrial computer IPC when requested;system operation easy to understand and easy to operate.
Networking technology to assure real time and accuracy of all operating parameters.
Provide equipment operating history data, to better diagnose, troubleshoot, and prevent certain operation problems, which can save both time and cost.


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Original invention & first launch, for twin-screw extruder complete equipment

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