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Breath in the all-around virtue to pursue our leading brilliancy

Nanjing Chuangbo represented by its main product--parallel co-rotating twin screw extruders, is committed manufacturing, machining essential components and completing equipment in whole line applied for high polymer compounding and modification (including reactive extrusion and post-processing), and reseaching as well as developing applications in the sectors of related processing technologies and engineering until turkey project.

We have both the core of the founders who filled the blank of co-rotating twin screw extruder technology in China and the prime of life design and development team, formed the largest concentration in the field of domestic valuable human resources.

Chuangbo team has nearly three decades of rich experiences in development and technology of co-rotating twin screw extruder, which is in close integration with polymer forming technology. It embodies the core technology within advantages of our facilities combined equipment, electric instrument with polymer materials forming tech.

Chuangbo team first created modernization manufacturing platform based CNC machining centers in China, and formed our outstanding comprehensive advantages based on three key technologies of design, manufacture and polymer application.

Based on the number of experiments to research the inherent association and engineering law between new polymer materials technology and equipment, relying increasing improved and industry's leading R&D center, we can achieve mastery and seamless connection for theory, experiment and application of technology.

Relying on the integration of the above superior resources, Chuangbo team has and will continue to strengthen the independent innovation and extension of technology development capcity.